Smoothy & Manga Yellow

April 2020 Color Alert®

Smoothy & Manga Yellow

sRGB 212, 201, 61  HEX #D4C93D   NCS 1060-G80Y

sRGB 232, 221, 68  HEX #E8DD44   NCS 0560-G80Y

Smoothy & Manga Yellow

Bursts of Color Surge into the Design World

With their similar bursts of color, Smoothy and Manga Yellow are surging onto the design world with take charge assertiveness.

The two colors are similar, with only a bit of black value separating them, and that underlies their international appeal. Smoothy and Manga Yellow don’t simply share color DNA, they share spirit and daring even though their origins are continents and oceans apart. Though grounded in green, the strong influence of yellow gives these two colors a strong presence and underlying punch. Smoothy and Manga Yellow may initially sound soft and juvenile, but they are potent and take a stand to be seen and enjoyed.

From a perspective of health and vigor, Smoothy is the expression of what’s good for the body. Healthy and glowing with the bright influence of the yellow sun, it is forceful and imbued with strength. Smoothy is a color that enhances life and adds attitude to whatever it embraces. Smoothy is already finding its way to interior living, with an emphasis on bright accent pieces that become an antidote to muted, neutral spaces. It is also important in fashion, whether adding a bright note

Brighter still is Manga Yellow, inspired by animation and rapid lifestyles, it is a color well suited to action recreation, automotive, and personal electronics. Manga Yellow is clearly not a hue for sitting around, it is a hue to get up and get moving! Whether matte, high gloss, or enhanced with metallic finishes, Manga Yellow makes a revved up statement of power.

Smoothy from CMG’s European 2018 color forecasts, and Manga Yellow from CMG’s Asia Pacific 2018 meetings, were both destined to emerge in 2020, and emerge they have! As versions of Smoothy and Manga Yellow are fast making their way to home and fashion, they are also being seen in transportation, cosmetics, and anything else that needs an injection of exuberance. They both have inner intensities that carry their colorful energy to any product, any environment, and any age group. Think of Smoothy and Manga Yellow as color sprites to lift up a mood, as well as products and the designed environment.

With Smoothy and Manga Yellow, there is no waiting, it’s all healthy fun, and full on GO!

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April 2020 CONTRIBUTORS: Judith van Vliet, Sandy Sampson, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean

CMG Color Alert April Smoothy

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