Steps Beyond and Grounded

November 2018 Color Alert

Steps Beyond and Grounded

RGB: 157, 143, 133 and 192, 91, 87     HEX: #9d8f85 and 665b57

Steps Beyond and Grounded

Get Grounded

Warm, and slightly opulent, Steps Beyond and Grounded are trend-forward grays that inspire stability with their toned style.

Color Marketing Group’s international scope is apparent, again, with the predictions for these similar, trending hues. Having emerged in 2016, in Asia Pacific (Steps Beyond) and Europe (Grounded), as predictions for 2018, they are being embraced around the globe.

Describing them as “neutral” does a disservice, though, as instead of being background hues, Steps Beyond and Grounded come forward as muted hues that are emotive and balanced. Their warmth emerges from imperceptible, balanced amounts of yellow and red, and the minimal chroma, and the influence of black, creates a solid foundation.

These are hues with which to stand your ground with a restrained posture.

Interiors, both residential and commercial, and fashion, are employing Steps Beyond and Grounded in ways that are directional in design and color. They are the evolution of our gray moment, adding a layer of depth with their warmth creates not only sophisticated colors, but extends the life of gray within our designed spaces and wardrobes. Gray exhibits the ability to move forward, “step beyond,” as it were, and continue as an important hue that offers a grounding element to a room, or ensemble.

These hues will be style-spotted in textiles, surfaces, paint, and floor coverings for the interiors industry, enhancing everything from area rugs to kitchen counters. It is an interior hue that is at once subtle, and trend setting.

Fashion is embracing Steps Beyond and Grounded as accent colors with a twist, not with a bold stroke, but rather with a subtle edge. Clothing, accessories, footwear, and more, receive the new gray treatment for advanced style.

Take a quiet stand with powerful grays, Steps Beyond and Grounded will give you a foundation, and move you forward.

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November 2018 CONTRIBUTORS: Judith van Vliet, Sandra Sampson, Mark Woodman, Maryanne Cole


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