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Suzhou Silk and Moo

Suzhou Silk  NCS S 4030-R60B, RGB 113, 104, 146, HEX 716892
Moo NCS S 1040-R60B, RGB 184, 173, 224, HEX B8ADE0

Suzhou Silk and Moo

Color Alert Suzhou Silk and MooIntroducing! The Violet Virtual Twins

With only marginal differences in lightness and chroma, the virtually twin hues of Suzhou Silk and Moo, emanating from color workshops in Asia Pacific and Europe, respectively, are a new breed of violet. Conceived in 2017, to emerge in 2019, these new versions recognize the restorative power of violet, the vitality of lavender, and the international reach of Color Marketing Group’s research. They are also indicative of new generations’ love of slightly subversive color.

Gone are the days of violet colors existing only for the ruling class and wealthy, Suzhou Silk and Moo are colors that embrace everyone and call to mind comforting, healthy moments, with a penchant towards being slightly underground and cheeky.

Suzhou Silk is considered gender neutral and has the ability to cross the line between bold and pretty, sumptuous and easy-going. Its depth offers a tranquil and peaceful perspective that underscores the newness of the hue with its various meanings. Suzhou Silk is a diverse hue that appears in sports equipment and cosmetics, technology accessories and fashion accessories, embracing each product category with confidence.

The lighter value twin to Suzhou Silk is Moo. It is fresh and feels like never ending spring. It suggests rebirth and well-being as it calls to mind fields of lavender with an intoxicating scent. Its appeal has not gone unrecognized by Millennial and GenZ designers as they seek out this hue to provide an alternative to ubiquitous generational hues, and bring something new to the table.  It has taken on a large role in sportswear,  for all genders, as the hue continues its “color for all” attitude, and in this lighter value, connotes health and wellness. As a fun side note, in Europe Moo is an iconic color for chocolate branding, from where it gained its inspired name.

Branding, fashion, accessories, tech, the Violet Twins of Suzhou Silk and Moo have arrived to take “purple” in new directions, with new meanings, and new purpose.

It’s time you had a moment with the Violet Twins.

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Color Alert MAXIMIZE Suzhou Silk and Moo

Deep and slightly subversive or light and healthy, take you pick, or take both! The practically twin hues of Suzhou Silk and Moo are here for a new color journey of violet.

No longer stuffy with history, posh with inaccessibility, or precious with sweetness, Suzhou Silk’s deeper value and Moo’s lighter cast are new hues that take on everything with a bold freshness that sets them apart. From sportswear to home fashions, the violet twins bring something new.

Used together, Suzhou Silk and Moo become color allies to create a monochromatic moment that is new and appealing. Standing alone, they make a statement that moves beyond mere color to a statement of presence, of fun, of being bold and a bit subversive.

With other hues, they form new directions with Pop Art influences, or become a subtle wash of nature with greens and gold. Suzhou Silk and Moo are the perfect antidote to “grey fatigue” and enliven taupe and off-white, as well. As well as they get on together, is how well they embrace other hues.

Different finishes, whether matte or gloss, or something in between, are sometimes combined to underscore the unique look of Suzhou Silk and Moo. Whether running shoes, ski boots, cosmetics, or glassware, the colors add to the products’ aesthetics.

Join the twins, Suzhou Silk and Moo, for a fun jaunt.


June 2019 CONTRIBUTORS: Judith van Vliet, Sandy Sampson, Mark Woodman, Maryanne Cole

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