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HEX #6d1f44 NCS S 5040-R30B  sRGB 109, 31, 68


If ever there was a hue for the times, it is Transformacion.

Transformacion, a deep hue that is red with an influence of blue, represents the evolution of life cycles from birth through youth, adulthood, and finally mature years. Considered during Color Marketing Group Latin America meetings in 2018, to emerge in 2020, Transformacion is the color of evolution. It is even more important than originally thought as the world continues to deal with a pandemic, economic distress, and social unrest.

The profundity of life, of caring for others, and realizing a bold future is perfectly represented in Transformacion. The depth of the color is welcoming and warming, the subtle color play between red and blue is contemplative, and the name, well, it is of the times.

Through all of the ongoing tribulations, “life” is the key driver. New ways to recognize birthdays, and the passing of loved ones, and all the living in between have become necessary.  Transformacion is all about life, the world craves the evolution of ideas, continued healing, and grasping the excitement of the new decade as it continues to stride forward.

On screen fashion statements create visual platforms for Transformacion from the waist up. But being physically out in the world, even locally, is still key and Transformacion will add a classic touch to leather goods as it suggests timeless cordovan in accessories. Appearing in sumptuous fabrics such as wool, velvet, cashmere, and flannel, Transformacion will deliver a visually tactile sense from afar, while the wearer personally enjoys the embrace of the textiles, wrapped up in deep color. The color has the ability to maintain a sense of self, coursing through generations and genders, and offers an interesting color journey no matter the garment.

Transformacion suggests the deep red of a hearth fire, or the solidity of bricks and mortar, underscoring a hue that articulates the essence of home as a safe sanctuary. Whether used in upholstery textiles, influencing flooring choices, or emblazoning a front door, Transformacion adds a lifeblood color to interior and exteriors of homes. Representative of life’s journeys, Transformacion also symbolizes the life of home.

As useable as Transformacion is for fashion and home, it also enhances consumer goods and tech products. From countertop appliances to grooming and personal care, Transformacion adds high style and comfort to products used each day. The warmth it holds also adds a more natural element to high-tech products and humanizes them with warmth.

Transformacion is moving and celebrates life in its many phases. It can navigate through design moods from serious or silly, to formal or casual, adapting and changing to needs, just like life.

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December 2020 CONTRIBUTORS:  Sandy Sampson, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean, Judith van Vliet

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