Urban Monarch

June 2021 Color Alert®

Urban Monarch

HEX #f6b759, sRGB 247, 182, 87, NCS 1050-Y20R

Urban Monarch

Revel in a golden horizon.

As seasons change around the world in June, it is the constant of golden light that shines warmth and joy. Urban Monarch was created as a colorful symbol of freedom for growing nomadic lifestyles, that changed in 2020, but it is now seen for its positive glow as that lost wanderlust slowly begins to return.

This is a transitional yellow with warming, subtle red undertones that can be soothing or make a big, powerful color statement. Discerned as an important direction for North America, to emerge in 2021, it indeed now stands as a color to yell “I’m here, and moving forward!”

What began as a conversation in North America is taking on the world. The pandemic paradigm shift brought witness to crushing lows when any moment of brightness and light has been a welcome relief. Though there is still much to do, the growing sense of coming to the other side is apparent and reflected in a color that is fresh and springs forward in attitude. As relief efforts around the world continue to ramp up, and the world slowly emerges Urban Monarch echoes the sense of liberty.

No matter where it is used, Urban Monarch can be enhanced with different textures and sheen levels from fuzzy matte to slick gloss, all the while retaining its bright personae. Yellow is often deemed a favorite color for interior homes, but it also beloved for exterior accents. Though it may seem too bold for an entire home exterior (depending on the location, though, it could be amazing!), it can be an exuberant color for doors, garden accessories, and outdoor furnishings. It is also a color from the flower nursery, ready to spring into action to add a jolt of happiness to a patio garden or grand landscape.

But back to interiors, Urban Monarch can be a swath of color overhead for endless sunny skies, toss around as pillows or accent furnishings, and certainly entertain in dishware, small and large appliances, and textiles. Think of it as the color crush every interior needs.

Of course, fashion is seeing its day in the sun, as well. Accessories beam brightly as footwear, bags, and nail lacquer rev up with this bright color direction. This is the hue to brighten up muted loungewear, working IRL suits, and classic denim.

Wrap up in warmth and elation as Urban Monarch shines bright and casts its golden glow forward.

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June 2021 CONTRIBUTORS:  Sandy Sampson, Paula Leonard, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean, Judith van Vliet, and KYDEX®

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