Milan ChromaZone Collaborates on Color Directions

A Desensitized Society Drives Color Directions

Early May, Color Marketing Group held an action packed Milan ChromaZone in conjunction with Milan Design Week. Color design professionals discussed trends that are driving color directions for 2021+ across a variety of industries.

CMG Milan ChromaZone

—Judith van Vliet, CMG President, Clariant ColorWorks Designer

Held in Conjunction with Milan Design Week

Milan Design Week (MDW19) is a pivotal event for designers globally. High attendance at MDW19 allowed the event to grow in attendance by 12%, despite the finicky weather and economic insecurity across the country. The event was segmented into two important display areas. Salone del Mobile was held at the main exhibition area in Milan where this year Euroluce and the city design week called Fuori Salone were the featured segments.

Just to give you an idea on the following of this event, around 97,000 images were posted on Instagram using the #FuoriSalone2019 hashtag! Now Milan Design Week is just one reason to fly into Italy, another is the CMG Milanese ChromaZone held during this famous week.

CMG Milan ChromaZone

Clariant Hosts for Fourth Year

For the fourth year in a row, Clariant Colorworks EMEA has hosted Color Marketing Group’s Milan ChromaZone®, a color forecasting workshop, empowering its participants with a deep dive into upcoming trends forecasting color directions two years out.

As Milan Design Week attracts designers from all over the globe, the Milanese ChromaZone is considered the most International workshop at CMG. Attendees flew into town from Germany, France, Serbia, United States of America, Denmark United Kingdom and Russia.  This wide-ranging group were main responsible in the design and marketing field of their respective industries like Sportswear, Industrial Coatings, Paint, Fashion & Interior, and more. Each gave a presentation about the global influences on their products, their consumers, and how these will direct future color choices in their markets.

CMG Milan ChromaZone

Color Design Professionals Collaborate

As often is the case, this group of color experts agreed on one common thread present in their stories – a desensitized society that no longer is shocked by disturbing news on TV and other online sources. Countries and regions look inwards to their own communities as people tend to care about what happens close to their homes, resulting in selective caring. This overall driver influenced the three main color stories for 2021+.

CMG Milan ChromaZone RAL Colour

Color is a Statement

Last year the importance of yellow was discussed, and this trend continued this year as we see the yellow-infused colors lead the way. An interesting takeaway for the readers is the discussion on how colors challenge normal perception where rules are no longer applied. Color is a statement, allowing us to stand out boldly and unapologetically as an individual.

Want to be part of our color tribe?

Join us at the CMG 2019 International Summit in Tucson, Arizona this November! Check our calendar of events for this year to see if there’s a ChromaZone, color forecasting workshop near you.



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