Color Alert® MAXIMIZE Silk Thread

Color Alert Maximize Silk Thread

Quiet Power, Big Strength

The quiet power evoked by Silk Thread is soothing and contemplative. It is a hue that complements other colors with a knowing presence. Its yellow undertone, with the slightest influence of red, creates a forward moving hue that is outwardly simple and classic, and offers more beyond the first glance.

Confident to stand on its own, Silk Thread is also confident enough to be a supportive color. It creates moments of lightness when combined with deeper colors such as charcoal, dark red, and navy. Silk Thread retains its natural roots as it coordinates with olive, grey, yellow, and cocoa. The pale value also creates a moment of Silk Thread led pastel when it is combined with gentle colors of pale blue, lilac, and blush pink.

Color alone is just the beginning…

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