Color Exploration Ser, Ming Blue, Fluid Blue and Wave

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What if you had four similar blues that could fit your product development beautifully but you could only select one? CMG members can explore color combinations with the Techmer PM color exploration tool.

Color Exploration Ser, Ming Blue, Fluid Blue, and Wave


CMG’s August Color Alert® – Ser, Ming Blue, Fluid Blue, and Wave

Blue goes Global!

Blue is friendly, blue is classic, blue is trustworthy, and as evidenced by its international scope for 2019, blue is global!

Color Marketing Group confirms the importance of blue with its appearance in international regions for 2019. Discussed and predicted in 2017, the similar originating hues of Ser,Fluid Blue, Wave, and Ming Bluecome forward in 2019 with only differences in value and chroma to set them apart. Basically, blue is ruling the world!

Ser, from Latin America, carries blue as a definition of self and trust, and an identical color, Wave, from Europe, flows with nature and our relationship with the environment. Fluid Blue, from North America, embraces free-thinking and a refreshed open-mindedness, and Ming Blue, from Asia Pacific, embraces the hue’s historical and important cultural contexts.

The core hue, an identical, practically full on blue, supports all regions and products, especially when nuanced to reveal the essential stories of these emerging blues.

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TechmerVision Color Exploration

TechmerVision Color Exploration is a web-based color tool that accurately visualizes forecasted color directions beyond the actual hue. It provides a quick and affordable way to increase color harmony while minimizing color discordance during the product development cycle. The aim is to help designers translate their inspiration into color for application and for design development purposes.

TechmerVision Color Explorations can be downloaded from the member-only Reports area.


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