COLOR MARKETING GROUP Announces Four Key Colors for 2021

Color Marketing Group, the leading international association of color design professionals, revealed four Key Colors for 2021 at the 2019 International Summit in Tucson, AZ late November. Over 200 color design professionals gathered in the arid landscape of Arizona to collaborate on color directions, materials, and finishes, color education, and trend forecasting.

About Color Marketing Group’s World Color Forecast™

Color Marketing Group’s multi-industry and global color design members collaborate annually to forecast our directional color palette of 64 color directions. These forecast colors are supported by color stories that contain each color’s drivers and influence two years ahead. Each of the four global regions identify a Key Color from their 16 forecast colors. For over 57 years, product designers across all industries have been influenced by Color Marketing Group’s World Color Forecast.

CMG 2021 Key Color Mist


Color Marketing Group’s 2021+ North American key color “Mist” is a color that exudes optimistic confidence and the hopeful resolve to achieve personal and societal goals.

Mist’s pale blue hue, touched with a whisper of toned grey and minimal chroma, is spirited in its lightness.


2021 CMG Key Color Uni Coral

Uni Coral

Color Marketing Group’s 2021+ Asia Pacific key color “Uni Coral” is a strong hybrid of orange and red, a color of extreme happiness that inspires both fun and the need for action.

Uni Coral exudes motivation and drive, perfect for instant attention and long-lasting energy.


Cmg 2021 key color renacer


Color Marketing Group’s 2021+ Latin American key color “Renacer” is a highly saturated violet that connects nature and spirituality.

The red and blue core of Renacer represents femininity and masculinity and its high saturation suggests the energy of forward movement.


CMG 2021 Key Color Raison d'etre

Raison d’être

Color Marketing Group’s 2021+ European key color “Raison d’être” is a mid-range tan with a slight violet undertone that suggests both the natural and artificial worlds.

Raison d’être offers a color of balance to see lifestyles and the world on its many levels.

Full Color Trend Stories and Images


Color Marketing Group®, founded in 1962, is a not-for-profit international association of color design professionals who forecast color directions and is a forum for the exchange of all aspects of color. Members represent a broad spectrum of designers, marketers, color scientists, consultants, educators, and artists. Color forecasting events are held throughout the world and the results from these events become part of the global World Color Forecast™ revealed at the annual International Summit. More information is available at

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