Color Catalyst: CMG Member, Doty Horn

Moving into a new year (and indeed, decade) is often a time to reflect on where we have been and where we are going. It goes without saying that CMG members have played and will continue to play, a significant role in the realization of our mission. Through our volunteer committees, our members work tirelessly on CMG’s behalf, sharing their passion for color and delivering our goals and objectives. This month we’d like to highlight some of our Color Catalysts – CMG members who have gone over and above to maintain CMG’s position as a leading authority on color design and trends.

Color Catalyst, Doty Horn joined Color Marketing Group in 1990 and during the past few decades has volunteered her time and talents across a number of committees.  Most recently she was one of the Guest Speakers at the Summit Future Thinking Workshop and designed and presented our new Trend Spotting session, exclusive to the International Summit.

Doty Horn, Senior VP Design, Congoleum Corporation

We asked Doty what inspired her to volunteer her time and talent, and how it has enriched her career:

Over the years, I’ve learned that networking with like minds sparks creative juices that often simmer if you work in corporate settings. CMG provides that venue in which creatives can rejuvenate and inspire new ideas from all walks of design life. I really value the cross-current design perspectives and industries that help me understand the bigger picture of design application.

Reflecting on my career and time with CMG, the value in volunteering at this stage of my career has been mentoring. Mentoring has really become an important part of enriching younger design professionals’ career, hopefully with sage advice and perspectives. Volunteer opportunities have served as a way I can give back to not only CMG’s goals, but help the next generation of members.

About Doty Horn

Doty Horn is the Senior Vice President of Design at Congoleum Corporation, a leading flooring manufacturer in North America since mid-2012 and is the Founding Director of ColorVoyant, a visionary color marketing firm formed in early 2011. With an expansive cross-current background in the interior and fashion industries as well as product development for companies such as ArmstrongFormica, Cole of California, and FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising), Doty brings a unique perspective to the color and design field.

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