Color Catalyst – Bridget Frizzie

Color Catalyst: CMG Member, Bridget Frizzie

Moving into a new year (and indeed, decade) is often a time to reflect on where we have been and where we are going. It goes without saying that CMG members have played and will continue to play, a significant role in the realization of our mission. Through our volunteer committees, our members work tirelessly on CMG’s behalf, sharing their passion for color and delivering our goals and objectives. This month we’d like to highlight some of our Color Catalysts – CMG members who have gone over and above to maintain CMG’s position as a leading authority on color design and trends.

Color Catalyst, Bridget Frizzie  joined Color Marketing Group in 2016 and immediately volunteered her creative and stylish talents on our International Summit Planning Committee.  Bridget has also volunteered on several occasions to be a Guest Speaker during our Future Thinking Workshop in 2018 and more recently presenting “The Future of Color Forecasting” at our 2019 Summit.

“As a member of the Planning Committee I had the opportunity to assist in the development of the yearly theme which I loved.  As a result I was able to be at the front end of the production of the Summit.  It was such a good feeling to see how attendees responded to the décor, the lounge seating, and the cocktail party as well as escorting Guest Speakers throughout the Summit.”

We asked Bridget what inspired her to volunteer her time and talent, and how it has enriched her career:

“I think for me its being able to collaborate with like minded people.  It’s the fascination of meeting new designers and other talents and hearing how they use color in their worlds. The stories, the connections and ultimately the friendships you make enrich will enrich your soul.  As far as my career- it has to be getting the opportunity to be a speaker and share my knowledge and foresight in Future Thinking…Also it’s a fast track to taking a deeper dive into understanding the WHY of which colors are rising and which ones are descending.  I think the value of volunteering is being able to step outside your comfort zone, immerse yourself in helping others, as well as collaborating and sharing the world of color.”

What advice would you give to members who are thinking about becoming more deeply engaged with CMG as a volunteer?

“Go for it.. Like everything in life taking a chance on doing and seeing a new point of view is the best education…I thought I new Color Forecasting before CMG but now I can say I am an expert in my field because of my time at CMG.”

About Bridget Frizzie

Bridget Frizzie is the Creative Director of KEHOE DESIGNS, a full-service event and décor production company.  Her role is to tap into emerging trends and translate them for the event industry.  Bridget has more than twenty years of experience in design specification, visual merchandising and floral design. Bridget is a senior strategist responsible for influencing the brand identity and design direction for Kehoe Designs, along with forecasting and implementing emerging trends and supporting marketing projects. She also oversees the Creative Services team which consists of company-wide innovator’s who collaborate to conceptualize event designs. A visionary, seeker of beauty and born adventurer, Bridget thrives on creative challenges and forges new concepts on a daily basis.

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