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There is an emerging awareness of the importance of wellness for our entire being, both physically and emotionally. Our built environment and the products and services we will be using will need to address our concerns for wellness, using new technologies to contribute to a holistic environment. Lighting, temperature control, and product design will all work together to provide optimal oxygen flow, natural light, temperature control, and comfort.

Eco-consciousness in conjunction with tech will play an important part as 3D printing will be the new modern craft in creating sustainable and recycled materials. Innovative bio-solutions are currently being developed by major corporations to implement zero-waste plans by 2025. Recycled rubber will be hailed as the new, improved cotton.  Natural elements will be incorporated to improve creativity. It will no longer be two opposing forces such as man versus nature or work versus life. Instead, it will be about integration and blending seamlessly. We will be realizing the importance of relating to one another on a real, emotional level, something that has been lacking as we have become addicted to our tech reality.  Being aware of our emotional well-being and our need for real-world human relationships will become a healthy first step. Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence, the ability to connect to others, and read their emotions will be a valued quality.

Colors will move towards a more nature-based palette, inspired by our surroundings and reflecting our social responsibility towards Nature. Finishes will provide a surprising pop of texture. We will see high-texture products and clean livable colors that support positivity. Colors will be more natural and lighter with a matte/satin finish. Colors will replicate the best nature has to offer in natural wood looks and stone. Natural textiles will be interpreted into flooring designs. Recycled materials will bring multiple mixed colors that will inspire nostalgia or a contemporary feel. Nature-based themes and pulling colors directly from nature will increase.

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About ColorContext™ 

At CMG’s annual International Summit, members participate in Color Applications Workshops collaborating on future applications of our World Color Forecast™.  The Workshops results provide a rich resource of future design inspiration in industries such as Home and Contract (Interiors and Exteriors), Lifestyle and Consumer (durable and non-durable goods), and more.    


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