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sRGB 206, 179, 211  HEX #CEB3D3   NCS S 1030-R50B


CMG May Color Alert Cosplay

Take on Our New Reality with Cosplay!

What is your fantasy character, who do you want to be, how do you express your style? In days that are filled with daily questions and concerns, adapting to a new reality is key, so why not adopt a new color? The color that speaks to fantasy and fun is Cosplay!

With the lines blurred between what is real and what is artificial, Cosplay is a perfect new color for taking on the world. Emanating from color discussions in Latin America, to emerge in 2020, Cosplay, has captured not only future thinking, but the new reality of life spent indoors, and online.

Cosplay is a youthful, slightly sweet lavender that balances blue and red in a light value. It captures the fantasy of living a life of fanciful characters that can be bigger than life. Driven, initially, by “costume play” concepts, Cosplay now carries a more timely definition as people around the world adopt new personas on a daily basis. Health care superhero, delivery champion, home school icon, WFH conqueror, can all be applied to the tasks set before people.

The real world and the virtual playground merge for Cosplay, with its lighthearted appearance it is an important hue for healing and positivity. Its internal color balance allows it to be a color of resolve. Neither feminine nor masculine, Cosplay, adds to moments of fun, as well as contemplation with the ability to be a color-morph for personalities and characters.

Cosplay is a fashion and consumer goods color for everything from clothing and accessories to phone covers and luggage. It adds a sense of play and hope in a serious world. For home interiors, Cosplay offers an unexpected hue that lifts grey from its sobriety, creates an edge with dark blue and greens, and adds a futuristic color dimension to brown and aqua.

The energy of Cosplay is also excellent for recreation and sporting goods, as well as technology and visual communications. Cosplay is a new “go to” color for a element of fantasy with things we use, and interact with, on a daily basis.

Cosplay, born of a spirit of fun, desired for a symbol of style, needed for an escape to fantasy.

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May 2020 CONTRIBUTORS: Judith van Vliet, Sandy Sampson, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean

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