Ser, Fluid Blue, Wave, Ming Blue

August 2019 Color Alert®

Ser, Fluid Blue, Wave, Ming Blue

Ser, RGB 0, 78, 154. HEX #004e9a NCS S 3065-R90B
Ming Blue, RGB 12, 64, 95 HEX #0c405f NCS S 6030-R90B
Fluid Blue, RGB 0, 116, 186 HEX #0074ba NCS S 2065-R90B
Wave, RGB 0, 82, 157 HEX #00529d NCS S 3065-R90B


Ser, Fluid Blue, Wave, Ming Blue

Color Alert Wave Ming Blue Fluid Blue Ser

Blue goes Global!

Blue is friendly, blue is classic, blue is trustworthy, and as evidenced by its international scope for 2019, blue is global!

Color Marketing Group confirms the importance of blue with its appearance in international regions for 2019. Discussed and predicted in 2017, the similar originating hues of SerFluid Blue, Wave, and Ming Blue come forward in 2019 with only differences in value and chroma to set them apart. Basically, blue is ruling the world!

Ser, from Latin America, carries blue as a definition of self and trust, and an identical color, Wave, from Europe, flows with nature and our relationship with the environment. Fluid Blue, from North America, embraces free-thinking and a refreshed open-mindedness, and Ming Blue, from Asia Pacific, embraces the hue’s historical and important cultural contexts.

The core hue, an identical, practically full on blue, supports all regions and products, especially when nuanced to reveal the essential stories of these emerging blues.

Considered classic for home and living, these blues touch everything from textiles to furnishings, surface materials to accessories, and act as stars in their own right. The fashion world will continue to embrace these various blues, mixing them with other hues and creating a season-less hue for all parts of the world, all the time. They will touch electronics, transportation, recreation, and almost anything else you can imagine.

The world is a great stage, full of new experiences and ideas, but it now has common denominators, the blues of SerFluid Blue, Wave and Ming Blue.

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Color Alert MAXIMIZE Ser, Ming Blue, Fluid Blue, WaveCarry your message around the world, in BLUE!

Blues that carry messages of hope and trust within their hue. They are familiar, yet with an element of newness. Ming Blue, with its historical relationship to porcelain ware, provides a deep, rich element to merge now and next. Fluid Blue provides a carefree, thoughtful moment with its brighter value, and Ser and Wave are identical blues from different parts of the world, but with the same context of personal and environmental awareness.

Truly international in scope, yet intensely personal, Ming Blue, Fluid Blue, Ser, and Wave express a color message for the world.

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AUGUST 2019 CONTRIBUTORS: Judith van Vliet, Sandy Sampson, Mark Woodman, Maryanne Cole

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