Member Spotlight – Kevin Harvey

Member Spotlight Kevin Harvey


Even as a child, Kevin Harvey has always played with color!

In art, theatre, interior design, or camping (yes, primitive glamping), color and design has always in a part of Kevin Harvey’s life.

I hold a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Indiana University. As a scenic designer/scenic artist, I was found mixing paint from water, glue, and pigment/dyes or recycling nearly dead latex paints. After nearly 18 years as a colorist for the plastic industry, I have come back to my paint roots. I am currently working at Jafe Decorating as a Colorist and Color Technologist.


Kevin Harvey, Jafe Decorating, Colorist and Color Technologist

Painted Glass Specialists

Jafe Decorating is one of the US leading glass decorators, specializing in painted glass. Our customers range from the candle, floral, beverage, and lighting industries. With over 20 different standard painting techniques, we help customers create their own unique look for their various projects and brands.

Color Toolbox

Being new to Color Marketing Group, Jafe uses the 2019 CMG World Color Forecast™ colors as inspiration for our promotional technique display cases. The primary focus is our painting techniques, but the colors open conversations about the color trends. We plan to promote more information about color and color trends in our industry with our customers. CMG is another tool in how we can enlighten ourselves while providing meaningful color information to our customers.

Color Marketing Group is an “All Things Color” think tank. — Kevin Harvey

With its diversity of industries and their color applications, CMG provides me the insight and validation which inspires. There are times when a trend pops up that wasn’t on my radar; and another member will call my attention to it or there is a posting on the CMG social media. That’s crucial! In today’s business market you must be engaging and know how to engage others or be left behind. Through CMG, I gain a stronger ability to communicate the color stories and trends as they affect our industry.

Kevin Harvey Design

Color Inspiration

Members from Color Marketing Group absolutely empower, inspire, and validate my work. At the International Summit it can be a bit overwhelming hearing all the information, ideas, and listening to amazing guest speakers. Neil Harbisson expanded my world when he spoke about how he uses technology too see color and how those experiences have given a wider meaning for color. This color tribe has taught me to think deeper and in more authentic ways; which has enhanced my designs.

Color Mindfully

When I was 18, I designed my first musical production, Fiddler on the Roof. Being enthusiastic and naïve, I designed the whole show with 100% Marc Chagall color and symbolism. We only had two and half weeks to build and paint the show. I feverishly worked on the show and was basically living at the theatre. I used every color imaginable. I thought the scenery looked beautiful. During tech week I realized the power of color. The costumer had done all the costumes in black, brown, grey and white. The actors disappeared from the stage. The scenic colors had overpowered everything! Luckily, more colorful costumes were pulled and brighter trims were added to the outfits to give the actors more of a presence. Then another color issue arose during Act 2. The colors were too bright to meet the somberness of the end of the musical. The lighting designer quickly hung more lights with colored gels that dulled the color of my scenery. It was a wonderful production, even though I caused a lot of extra last-minute work for others. The biggest lesson learned was how to use color mindfully. Color can make a huge impact if used correctly.


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